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I was 13. I wanted to be different, be independent.    Only the select few who showed an aptitude (and interest) in languages got to study German with Mr Jeffers.  (Unbelievably, those who didn’t got to swap to Spanish!  I know!) A formidable teacher intellectually, Mr Jeffers. When the school took a trip to St Petersburg, he learnt Russian specifically for the jaunt. When the Head of Physics had a heart attack, he took over as Head of Physics. He was a formidable pianist. He was a bit scary, and when he spoke German, this magnified threefold.    But he won me over in the first lesson.

What did I expect to learn?  Guten Tag?  Auf Wiedersehen? Wie geht’s?

The reality? “If you want to get by in German you need to know the essentials. Write this down:”

Darf ich bitte ein bier bestellen?  … May I order a beer please.


By many, castigated as the fuel of louts, downmarket, mass produced. Common. But we’re beginning to appreciate what the Germans know automatically. Beer is honest, ancient, venerated, and beguilingly varied.

Many beer writers pit beer against beer. Praise craft brewers and damn ‘international brewers’.  Criticise British lager and praise Czech unquestioningly. Put Belgium on a pedestal and slag off light beers. Support cask beer but not great beer dispensed from a keg.  There are many beers I don’t like. There are brewers who don’t impress me. But these same brewers will then launch something jaw droppingsomething that stops you in your tracks. There are beers that are praised sky high, but are nigh-on undrinkable. Occasionally, a global brewer will launch a cracker.

The world  of beer is a world that should be celebrated, its stories revealed. It’s a world whose reflections and refractions are best viewed through beer tinted spectacles.

David Preston

Say hello @daptweet or david@beertintedspectacles.com. David is a member of The British Guild of Beer Writers  www.beerguild.co.uk and a judge for the UK Beer and Cider Marketing Awards www.beermarketingawards.co.uk.  He is also founder of brand building company The Crow Flies, helping brands (and not just beer brands) work out the direct route to long lasting success.  More writing of a non beer-y persuasion can be found at Morning Mister Magpie.




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